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"Helena has truly supported me in all aspects of my life through the way she has been teaching me and guided my yogic journey. From feeling rather insecure, unconfident and unbalanced as a person, I have become more committed, loving and happy with a stronger sense of self-worth."  Nathalie Czarnecki, student from Triyoga London

..."Four things Helena taught me that I will always bring with me, outside the mat.

 Trust: I don't trust people - let alone women - but she made me trust her and let my body surrender under her care in the form of adjustments. She made me balanced when I wasn't and taught me how to let her do it. 

Compassion and care: I learnt from her how to be gentle to myself and to accept my tears on the mat as part of my inner journey instead of being scared of them. She noticed me and asked me how I was. 

Truthfulness: She taught me to put aside the fake drama and masks that I was carrying with me. I learn how to listen to my body as a means to get to my soul.

Patience: She taught me to wait for the right time, to put my ego away, not to push hard so that I could go quicker into the asana.

I started learning acceptance.

And now I "just" have to keep practising that ;-)..." Sarah Bianchi

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